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SharePoint architecture, development, branding and integration



Work Info:

Client: Dell

Date: 9/7/2012

SharePoint Development

IncWorx Consulting helps Dell save millions of dollars and brings relief from a consulting debacle


Dell has been a globally recognized technology solutions provider for over 30 years, and was recently caught in a situation that required innovation and true SharePoint expertise.  Dell needed a company that could deliver on many fronts, but had only met failure with multiple vendors guessing how to get SharePoint to cooperate.  They were running far behind schedule and didn't have time for another mistake.  They needed a partner that could hit the ground running and the needs were about as complicated as you can ask for.  Initiatives included:

  • Media Removal - a green initiative to remove all media (CD's) packed into retail boxes and replace with an electronic system 
  • Windows 7 - a site that allowed for millions of customers to purchase and download win7
  • Branding - expert design for SharePoint to make these pages look like the Dell Brand
  • Architecture - Figuring out how to support over 100 languages and countries
  • Integration - Integrate LOB applications to present and track customer information


Dell contacted IncWorx Consulting to help get things back on track.  They needed a vendor with the expertise, creative problem-solving skills, and dedication demonstrated by our SharePoint consultants.  IncWorx team of SharePoint experts went to work immediately and successfully achieved all the objectives with multiple SharePoint solutions in just under 12 months. 

The media removal program was a huge success and saved millions of dollars in the first few months of going live. 

Windows 7 was purchased and downloaded by millions of customers after it launched via the SharePoint site and download tool that IncWorx created. Branding and user experience were also top priorities and integrated throughout the sites making it a seamless and easy to understand experience for Dell's customers.  IncWorx design concepts and branding integration expertise with SharePoint made this a seamless experience.

Architecture was a huge undertaking for these projects to be able to support the volume of users around the world that would be hitting these sites.  IncWorx Consulting's architecture provided the proper foundation to make the system achieve its intended goal of serving millions of customers.

Integration with line of business (LOB) systems was paramount in delivering media, tracking media and assets while processing all the transactions.

IncWorx was awarded Dell IT vendor of the year as a result of the success of these projects.

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